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Insurance Bad Faith Defense

Dealing With A Bad Faith Claim

Sometimes insurance companies need to deny a claim, but that does not mean that you acted in bad faith. Unfortunately, sometimes playing by the rules can seem unfair to the other party involved. You have a duty both to your business and to your customers, and that often means making the difficult call.

Still, by the time the insured is working with an attorney and you are in the position of defending the claim, there can be a lot of accusations on the table. This is why it is so important to talk to an attorney about the claim against you.

What Can Happen Under The Direct Action Statute

As a Louisiana insurance company, you know that the direct-action statute allows non-policyholders to sue you directly rather than going through the insured party. When an injured party suspects bad faith, it can mean a complicated case between you and the injured party.

While you may be aware of what the statute does and how it relates to acting in good faith, getting through the lawsuit process can still be complicated. Talking to a knowledgeable lawyer about the claims brought against you is the first step to building a strong defense.

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Even if you have experience with bad faith claims, getting help from a skilled attorney can help you formulate the best strategy for your insurance bad faith defense.

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