Helping Insurance Companies & Employers Build A Strong Defense

Kinchen Walker Bienvenu Bargas Reed & Helm, LLC, has been defending Louisiana insurance companies for a long time. We have a strong reputation both nationally and in the Baton Rouge area for helping insurance companies and their insureds through the litigation process.

Going through a costly court battle is not always in your best interest. Regardless of the insurance law issue at hand, we can help you find the most cost-effective solution, even if that solution is mediation or another alternative dispute resolution method.

Supporting Employers Through Insurance Claims

Providing insurance for your employees is a benefit that helps you attract the best people to work for you. You want them to feel supported when they are facing illness and injury.

We know how difficult it is when an employee is unhappy about a denied claim. Kinchen Walker Bienvenu Bargas Reed & Helm, LLC, can help you understand your employee's claim and your options for finding a resolution. Even when you are self-insured, our lawyers can help you manage a claim and get back to operating your business.

Providing Support For A Variety Of Insurance Issues

Whether you are an insurer or an employer, dealing with someone facing a denied claim can be complicated. We can help you with issues regarding:

Strong Support Is Available When You Need It

The key to a strong defense is starting early. That is why we offer a free initial consultation so you can talk to a skilled attorney early in the process. We are ready to talk about the claims brought against you.

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